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Digital transformation changed ways how customers shop, read and even chat to each other. In this new world we are ready to do all kind of research digital. Market research can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. We are your end-to-end digital transformation partner in market research. Our goal is to make them time, money and business effective for your company. We provide full service at both qualitative and quantitative research.

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Quantitative market research

PRC (Profi Research & Consultancy) has tremendous experience in online surveys. Our in-house built software includes drag and drop; sortable lists; slider-based ratings; multi-media content including interactive video streaming; plus top line reporting. Majority of surveys are compatible with portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Launching your study with us you get access to the online panel of more than 14M customers globally. Our experience team of analytics and data scientists takes care of your project from request till data delivery and reporting.

We can fulfil your intelligence, research and analytical needs on a range of business issues including:

Segmentation, Product testing, Concept testing, Usage & Attitude, Communications and Ad testing, Net Promoter Score, Segmentation & Profile, Employee surveys.


Qualitative Research

Online qualitative research encompasses a huge range of different methods which have in common only that they take place in the digital world. Those methods seek an in-depth grasp of social phenomena within their natural setting and involve collecting and analyzing non-numerical data to understand concepts, opinions, or experiences.

We can oversee and execute any qualitative research project such as:

Online Focus Groups, Online In-Depth Interviews, Design-thinking, Shop-alongs, UX-studies, Digital Diaries.

European Omnibus

Our Omnibus survey is flexible, fast and cost-effective tool that provides consumer insights. We cover countries that most companies won’t even try to include in the survey. You can’t miss such an opportunity starting from just €1 per complete.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

World is changing very fast. Future is here! How to adapt your business and keep up with technologies? Data science! We can help to develop custom data solutions help your company to make better, faster and effective decisions. Our team of AI software developers build, redesign, and customize AI-driven systems as part of your existing in-house team or on a turnkey basis.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms today can be used in any industry to help companies prevent and predict actions and breakdowns, create new products, tell what is important for the customers, advise what medicine is better to use and a lot of other things that will dramatically improve life.

We build predictive analytics software solutions, including custom machine learning-based models and end-to-end predictive analytics software.



SHAGAL is a one-of-a-kind AI model that integrates years of consumer data and advanced predictive technology, offering an exclusive tool for package design testing that is not available anywhere else. This uniqueness ensures that your design evaluations are based on the most comprehensive and sophisticated analysis possible.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is the process of automatically extracting data from websites. The web is the biggest depository of knowledge and data. Any publicly accessible web page can be analyzed and processed to extract information or data. These data can then be downloaded or stored so that they can be used for any purpose outside the original website.

Whatever you need data for Competitor Monitoring, Pricing Optimization, Lead Generation, Investment decisions, Product Optimization or social listening we can help you with creating customized software that will collect for you information day and night without having weekends or holidays!


Modern companies accumulate tons of information every single day. Orders, requests, sales, complaints, customers info and a lot of other stuff. Having it and even keeping it costs your company effort and money. But do you really use it? 9 out of 10 companies do NOTHING with it! You are actually holding in your own hands the key to almost unlimited treasures and market advantages. You already have all information about how to create new products, to improve services, to sell more, to lower your costs so on. Your company just need someone who can help to dive into this ocean and find those treasures for you. Our experienced consultants love to reuse, repurpose and find new ways to monetize data for our clients. We can also advise what data is useful to keep and how to do it effectively.

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